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"Do a little more than you're paid to. Give a little more than you have to. Try a little harder than you want to. Aim a little higher than you think possible, and give a lot of thanks to God for health, family, and friends."
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Martin Luther King Jr., clergyman

"Those who are not looking for happiness are the most likely to find it, because those who are searching forget that the surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others. "
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It is this segment of the industry where the greatest strides have been made towards turboprop power and no more so that the development of the Beech crafts King Air range When the T-tailed Super King Air made its debut in the mid-1970s it was greeted with a somewhat mixed reaction

Aviation Safety News.

SADC Safety Organization to move to Swaziland The Southern African Development Community (SADC) states are launching a regional safety oversight organization to strengthening states safety oversight capabilities The SADC Aviation Safety Organization or “SASO” builds on the legacy of the work of the COSCAP-SADC program

Developing a Thought Leader Video Strategy

Thought Leadership is a term that is becoming more popular in recent times as businesses and entrepreneurs look for ways to stand out in their market According to Forbes magazine, “A thought leader is an individual or firm that prospects, clients, referral sources, intermediaries and even competitors recognize as one of the foremost authorities in selected areas of specialization, resulting in its being the go-to individual or organization for said expertise

Undoubtedly when people think of online video the first thing that springs to mind is YouTube With Google being the largest online search engine and it’s close links with YouTube, YouTube is often referred to as the 2nd largest search engine

4 DIY Baby Shower Ideas That Anyone Can Do

Throwing a baby shower is a lot of work especially when you are not necessarily the crafty type Below are 7 easy to do ideas that can make you look like you are a craft wizard even though you don’t have to have any special skills in order to complete any of these 7 ideas

10 Tips to Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

Are you planning to throw a wine tasting party, but quite lost on where to begin You might be happy to find these simple and easy tips that will help you pull off a fun gathering with friends while savoring perfectly paired choices

When it comes to oxygen deficiency monitors, PureAire makes the longest lasting units on the market They believe your safety should not be taken lightly, and have created a reliable and affordable monitor that will outlast all of their competitors

Healthy Things to Eat For Lunch List

What are the healthy things to eat for lunch Eating a healthy meal during a busy day is quite impossible so people tend to reach for ready made foods or just grab some coffee along the way

Our entrance into the world of Peacocks and Peafowl was quite accidental I was busy raising specialty chickens and having fresh eggs and organic white meat on the table as part of our healthy lifestyle diet

Service Proz Net

Now a day’s network marketing spread in the entire world All countries’ people use net on computers and mobiles

Stress, Is it Manageable?

Stress is defined as being any stimulus that you experience in your life that challenges your well-being Although a negative connotation is attached to the term, stress can be either positively motivating or threatening

Stress, Holistic Ways to Manage It

Traditional methods of managing your stress can prove to be ineffective If you've gone through all the steps and tried everything to cope with your burdens, only to be left with the same amount of stress, it might be time to approach it a different way

Business Ventures, This is Your Golden Ticket

We have all heard of the get rich quick schemes that are out there currently, we frankly get sick of them on a regular basis However, our business model is second to none and although we are not promising you millions, we are going to give you the ability to make a solid living

Whenever one wants to travel to Grand Canyon, there are a number of means that he or she can use Boarding Grand Canyon flights is one sure way of getting there

Experiencing the Entertainment Capital of the World's lights and sounds is commonly done by foot or by bus It's true that you can come across so many breathtaking sights by checking out the myriads of casinos, hotels and entertainment hubs on the ground

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